Danish Deacon Homes

Danish Deacon Homes is the leading independent, non-profit care provider in Denmark. 
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A non-profit organization

Danish Deacon Homes is the leading independent, non-profit care provider in Denmark. We own a number of Nursing Homes and also administer and advise a number of affiliated care institutions. In total, approx. 60 Nursing Homes and other care facilities are included in the daily work of the Danish Deacon Homes.

Areas of competence 

Danish Deacon Homes specializes in administration, financial management and housing operations. We facilitate and hold special knowledge of organization management, management of human resources, recruitment, training of staff and vocational training. Capacity building of all our employees (including a leadership development programme), is a high priority. 
Danish Deacon Homes also provides building and construction consultancy, and we develop new care concepts, including architecture, development, construction management, and moving processes.

Other facts about the organization 

  • Danish Deacon Homes commenced operations in 1958. 
  • Danish Deacon Homes currently has 2500 employees at all levels in care homes nationwide. 
  • As a core business, we enter into partnership agreements with the Danish Municipalities across the country. 
  • A non-profit board of trustees leads the organization.
  • Danish Deacon Homes has no shareholders or others to benefit from profit. The profit of Danish Deacon Homes is used exclusively for investment in new and state-of–the-art approaches in order to benefit the people we care for.


Danish Deacon Homes' values and Christian background imply that our work in care homes have the following overall aims:

  • To strengthen the individual's identity and equality
  • To respect other persons' beliefs, attitudes, values and lifestyles 
  • To provide high quality of work 
  • To care for human physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual needs 
  •  To provide joy of life, social participation and involvement of residents, relatives, volunteers and staff. 

Whichever context Danish Deacon Homes works in, we wish to mainstream our humanitarian values in the work of construction, development and equipment. Danish Deacon Homes wants be known for putting people first, and for integrity, high quality service and competitive prices. 

It makes me very happy, that we have a stand towards spiritual needs, for example by praying and singing with the residents.

A leader of one of our care homes

Our vision

Danish Deacon Homes' vision is:

  • That the physical care framework must provide a domestic and modern setting for a good care environment and a good life for residents as well as a good working life for employees 
  • That volunteers are welcomed into the daily life of the care community and are appreciated for their exceptional contribution to the good life in care homes
  • That we develop and cherish a local public involvement in relation to our care and care environments 
  • That we will build tomorrow's care homes with a focus on the latest technology and care solutions and their use in a value-based organization.

Our Care

A care filled with closeness and warmth - always in consideration for the individual resident and the residents life, wishes and needs.